Welcome to RPS GmbH

RPS GmbH is your specialist for setting up and operating ecommerce projects. Over 25 years of experience in the automotive sector with several successful online stores. We offer ERP, PIM, DAM and data management as flexible services.


The name says it all. Ride on!


  • Operations
    We run ecommerce stores with customer service, logistics and full marketing solutions.
  • Data
    We prepare data in a customer-friendly way, maintain databases on products and vehicles.
  • Coding
    We develop systems and interfaces for cross-platform functions. PIMcore, Excel, VBA, SQL, PowerBI, PHP, AWS and more.  




Some of our work and projects


Backyard Racing Shop


Backyard Racing

biggest moto shop in switzerland


Racing Planet Shop


Racing Planet

swiss branch of scooter and moped parts

data analysis
vehicle linking
API management


What do you need?

Do you trade moto-, car- or boat-accessories? Do you need an online store, an interface to a supplier or standardized product data? 

Whatever it is , we help!







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